Saturday, February 2, 2008


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After months and months of knitting, frogging, mistakes--me forgetting how I made the toe--more frogging.
They are done and I love them.

That is all....


Kellie Huffman said...

Ack! picture not working. I am going to your Rav to see if it is there.

Michelle Lambton said...

Hi, Anne-Marie!
The knitting club meets 6-8pm Wed at Rosehaven in Picton. I am actually there until 9 ish. Come and have a gam, do some shopping!
The seedy saturday went quite well, I was tucked away in the canteen flogging soup & wraps for the crowd.
Jim & I are currently working with the COunty Sustainability Group; some nice people who are interested in showing folks how they can burn less carbon into the atmosphere in simple ways. Help communities become more resilient to the effects of climate change and the inevitable shortage of fossil fuels. There will be a presentaion at St Andrew's Presbyterian church March 24, 7 pm given by them (possibly affiliated with )they will be showing a movie called End of Suburbia, should be interesting.
My Email is on my blog, click on my profile, it should be there. ( , just in case.) if are interested. For some reason, blogspot does not forward comments to my email.
Would love to meet up with you again.